CfP: Democratic Education Revisited: The Approach of Pragmatism

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Keynote Speakers
: Julian Culp (Paris), Andrea English (Edinburgh), Jeff Frank (Canton, NY), Joshua Forstenzer (Sheffield), David L. Hildebrand (Denver), Katariina Holma (Oulu), Natalia Rogach Alexander (New York), Maura Striano (Naples).

There is a limited number of spots available for papers pertinent to the topic of the conference (all talks will be on-site; no zoom). Young scholars are especially encouraged to apply. We are committed to creating a friendly and vibrant environment where to receive constructive feedback and inspiration. If you are interested, please send an abstract (word or pdf) of no more than 400 words to by 31 January 2022 or earlier. We will notify you whether you can take part in the conference by the end of February.

Deadline: 31 January 2022
Contact: Michael Festl (
Date: June 9 – 11 2022
Location: Dewey-Center St. Gallen, Switzerland

Call for Individual Papers

The call for individual papers will open on 4 January 2022.

The organizers invite presentation proposals exploring and applying pragmatist ideas to issues and debates in all fields of philosophical and social inquiry, as well as debates in the natural, biomedical and social sciences. Pragmatism being the overall theme of the conference, we encourage the presentation title to reflect explicitly its connections with the theme of the conference. Presentations that explore issues at the interface of Pragmatism and social justice, critical race theory and intersectionality are especially welcome.

Submissions from women scholars and other underrepresented groups in philosophy are especially welcome. This conference follows the BPA/SWIP good practice guidelines

45 minutes (including discussion) will be allocated for each individual paper presentation. The time is fixed and cannot be exceeded. We expect presenters to reserve at least 10 minutes for discussion. The submission abstracts are expected to include a clear description of the paper’s contents and its contribution to its field of inquiry.

Please submit your paper proposal via our online electronic form. Submissions deadline is at midnight (Central European Time) on 7 February 2022. Please follow the instructions (including word limits) given and save the contents of your submission separately in case of technical difficulties. We expect to announce the results of the call by 14 March 2022.

Call for Papers: Richard Rorty Society

The Richard Rorty Society invites papers on the topic of “Richard Rorty’s Anti-Authoritarianism” from current and recent graduate students (within three years of receiving their PhD) or those who do not yet hold a PhD for a paper competition to coincide with its 2021 meeting. The meeting will be hosted online by David McClean of Rutgers University, School of Arts and Sciences, Newark, NJ.

We will dedicate a panel to a discussion of the winning paper at the Richard Rorty Society’s online mini-conference, to be held October 14 and 15, 2021 (US Eastern Time). In addition to a panel dedicated to discussion of the winning paper, the RRS is offering a prize of $500 (USD) and editorial support for potential publication in a relevant, peer-reviewed journal.

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Call for Papers: Living Democracy

Für die erste Jahrestagung des German Pragmatism Network (weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung) sind besonders Nachwuchsforscher*innen eingeladen, sich für Projektpräsentationen zu bewerben.

Genauere Informationen erhalten Sie durch Klicken auf das nebenstehende Bild.

Für jede Präsentation ist eine Sektion von insgesamt 50 Minuten vorgesehen (30 Minuten Vortrag, 20 Minuten Diskussion). Abstracts (deutsch/englisch, max. 300 Wörter) können bis zum 2. März 2020 per Mail an eingesandt werden.

Die Veranstaltung findet vom 3.-5. September 2020 am Kulturcampus Domäne Marienburg der Universität Hildesheim statt.

Deadline: 2. März 2020

Veranstaltungsdatum: 3.-5. September 2020
Ort: Kulturcampus Domäne Marienburg, Universität Hildesheim

Call for papers: 47th annual SAAP meeting

The SAAP (Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy) invites papers or proposals on the topic of American Philosophy for their annual meeting in 2020.
While all papers on American philosophy are welcome, some preferences will be given to papers or proposals on „Inter-American-Philosophy“.

Representative topics may include the following:

  1. Past, present and possible future philosophical connections between philosophers and philosophic traditions in different parts of the Americas,
    especially with the Classical American philosophical traditions.
  2. North American and Latin American Philosophy: explorations of the mutual influence of philosophy done in the north and the south or fruitful comparisons of the
    philosophical insights of prominent philosophers on both sides of the continent, including Latinx and indigenous thought.
  3. Examination and elaboration of the important contributions of philosophers in the Americas (e.g., Pragmatism, Mexican Existentialism) to past and present problems
    in the Analytic and Continental traditions.
  4. Philosophers on the common ideals and common socio-political problems of the Americas. For example:
    a) Democracy and decolonialism, its nature, prospects and challenges
    in the Americas;
    b) How philosophy can contribute to the amelioration of the common problems of North and South America.
  5. Philosophical ideas and debates about the identity of the Americas in relation to other nations, regions, and cultures.
  6. Philosophy of technology and science in the Americas, environmental practices and movements throughout the Americas, and Philosophy of Education (including philosophy for children) in and throughout the Americas.

You do not need to be a member of SAAP to submit a paper or proposal via the standard submission tool on the SAAP website. Scholars who are not presently members of the Society, but whose work is in American thought, are especially encouraged to submit.

For further information (funding for graduate students, or requirements for the papers and proposals) see the conference website.

Place: City of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Date: 5-7 March 2020
Deadline: 15 August 2019

Conference: The Reception of American Pragmatism in Europe

The conference aims at exploring the different facets of the impact that American Pragmatism has had, has today and could still have on Europe.

There are three core inquiries:

1. First, the conference is interested in the changing cycles of the reception, from the European exorcizing of Pragmatism as a philosophy solely interested in the “cash value” of ideas to its appreciation as the paradigmatic philosophy in a plural and constantly changing world.

2. Second, it investigates how and to what extent we can speak of a unified European reaction to Pragmatism and, at the same time, expounds on episodes of a multifaceted reception that are characteristic of different regions in Europe (e.g. Southern, Central, Eastern Europe, the Nordic Countries, the British Isles, etc.).

3. Third, the conference explores the contributions that American Pragmatism can still make with regard to contemporary European challenges, from the political and economic relations between the EU and the United States, to the formation and the identity of a European community, from immigration to populism, from the crisis of democracy to new social movements, from current scientific and economic challenges to innovative and intelligent solutions for social life. In this context, the relationship between so-called American Pragmatism and Latin/South/Indigenous American philosophy can also be taken into consideration with the aim of gathering new and transformative insights for Europe.

For further information on the conference, please see here (Call for papers).

and the program.

Place: Dewey-Center Switzerland, St. Gallen
Conference Date: June 6-8, 2019
Contact: and