Assistant Professor Political and Environmental Philosophy at Maastricht University (Closing date: 15.02.2024)

Maastricht University’s philosophy department seeks a dynamic teacher and researcher in political philosophy, specializing in environmental and climate change issues.

The candidate will have a general grounding in philosophy and/or social and political theory. Areas of interest could include, but are not limited to, environmental political theory, political issues relating to climate change (e.g. sovereignty, resource distribution, migration), climate justice, political ecology, green political thought, rethinking nature and political subjects. 

This position is one of several created by the Faculty to develop its capacity in teaching and research concerning environmental problems. You will work with colleagues across disciplines to develop new opportunities for both teaching and research. The Philosophy department emphasizes collaborative research engagement across its areas of strength in the philosophy of technology, the philosophy of culture, and political philosophy.

You will contribute to the teaching and coordination of courses and supervision of internships, projects and theses in the BA and MA programmes of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, particularly the BA European Studies.

You will join the Globalisation, Transnationalism and Development  Research Programme (GTD) where will engage with colleagues across disciplines to develop collaborative research and contribute to the active research environment of the group. In this context, you should also endeavor to develop research collaborations at national and international research level and to attract external funding in your area of expertise.

This role entails:

  • Team teaching and curriculum development at BA and MA level
  • Collaborative academic research in the field of political philosophy and related areas
  • Publication of your research in international peer-review journals
  • Applying for external research funding
  • Academic citizenship and assuming administrative roles to support teaching and research in the faculty.

For further information regarding this offer, the job requirements, the Maastricht University and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences see here.

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