Third European Pragmatism Conference

The German Pragmatism Network will attend the Third European Pragmatism Conference and arrange a panel focusing on ‚Democracy as a form of Life‘:

  • Michael Hampe, ETH Zurich
    Dewey and the Third Enlightenment
  • Matthias Jung, University of Koblenz
    Science as a Democratic Life-Function and the Problem of Worldviews
  • Andreas Hetzel, University of Hildesheim
    Democracy Must Begin at Home: Politics and Forms of Life.
    • Mara-Daria Cojocaru, Munich School of Philosophy
      Democracy and Violent Disagreement

Furthermore, some of its members will participate in other panels:

  • Roberto Frega, CEMS-EHESS-PSL University
    What Exactly Is the Place of Virtues in Dewey’s Ethics?
  • Michael Festl, University of St. Gall
    A Pragmatic Reconstruction of the Global Justice Debat
  • Ana Honnacker, Forschungsinstitut für Philosophie Hannover
    Pragmatic Humanism and the Post-Humanist Challenge

    Please see the conference webpage for more information.
    The updated programed can be downloaded here.